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Champagne Champagne And The Golden Rain

Released 1988 12 Mini LP (Amigo/EFA)


1. Champagne Champagne And The Golden Rain 3:34

2. Love Twice 2:28

3. Glittermania 4:33

4. The Blacks 4:23

5. Vertigo

a. The Acrobat 1:27

b. The Stage 0;53

c. The Memories 1:15

Norbert Schwefel - Vocals, Guitars, Programmings, Keyboards

Christl Marley - Bass, Saxophone

Martin Buchholz - Saxophone, Clarinett, Piano


All Songs by Norbert Schwefel


Recorded at Orion Studio Ludwigshafen and Sulphur Sonic Studio Mannheim


Produced by Norbert Schwefel


Co-Producer: Peter Weinkötz and Mirko Krüger

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